Silhouette ketubah by danny azoulay
Silhouette ketubah


paper cut ketubah
Silhouette ketubah


Silhouette paper cut ketubah

The Silhouette Ketubah

The celebration comes to life in the Silhouette Ketubah. Tulips (a Persian symbol of love) and foliage intertwine in a lively dance of natural motifs, as colors subtly blend to create a symphony of tonal hues in this lovely multi-layered paper cut Ketubah. The words — I betroth you forever; I betroth you in righteousness, law, grace and compassion, Hosea: 2:21 and Ani L’dodi Li/I am my Beloved and my Beloved is mine from Song of Songs — encircle the images and text of the Silhouette.


The dimensions are: 18“ W x 18“ H.


Giclée lithography,3-layer paper cut on fine acid-free paper: hand embellished with genuine platinum /24 karat gold leaf.

A limited edition: signed and numbered by the artist.


*The Silhouette comes in blue or Ivory. Please indicate which color option you require on  the order form

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