Pomegranate paper cut ketubah
Pomegranate paper cut ketubah
Pomegranate signed ketubah

The Pomegranate Ketubah

Whimsical colors and a simple clear design imbue the Pomegranate Ketubah with the same joy we share in the marriage celebration. The ring of pomegranates and leaves playfully intertwining is a visual expression of the way the bride and groom will weave their lives together. The pomegranate, said to contain 613 seeds (also the number of mitzvot in the Torah) symbolizes in Judaism, righteousness, fruitfulness and wisdom.


The dimensions are: 17“ W x 17“ H.


This Ketubah is a paper cut with hand applied 24 karat embellishment

The artist signed and numbered each of his limited edition ketubahs.

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