Jerusalem Gate ketubah by daany azoualy
Jerusalem Gate paper cut ketubah
Jerusalem Gate paper cut ketbah

Jerusalem Gate Ketubah

Here is Spring’s awakening: a dance of leaves and tendrils, creating lovely patterns of growth and vitality.
Set in its midst, is a vignette of two deer quietly grazing beside the gates of Jerusalem. There is an air of tranquility; This is a stolen moment of repose in life’s exhilarating journey. An eloquent allegory for the bride and groom and the oaths they exchange– which both binds and strengthens.
“I will betroth you to me with righteousness and justice, kindness and mercy” These words from Hosea 2:21 embody the deep commitment of the marriage covenant.


The dimensions are: 16“ W x 16“ H.


lithography: paper cut on fine acid-free paper: hand embellished with 24 karat genuine gold leaf.

A limited edition: signed and numbered by the artist.
Dimensions: 15 ” x 15″.

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