The design you choose for your ketubah might just be one of your first purchases together as an engaged couple and your very first family heirloom.
In order to make an order please fill in the Ordering Form 
and send it to our Email: azoulayart@bezeqint.net

Ready to


Pick your favorite Ketubah design
Choose the style that represents you; round or rectangular: monochromatic or colorful: classic or contemporary.
If you are hesitating between 2 or 3 designs, we suggest to print images of your favorites from the website and place them next to each other. This is often helpful.
The dimensions of each ketubah are listed next to the ketubah image; each design comes in one size only.
Some of our ketubah designs come with a background and some don’t. Since, they are paper cuts, if you wish, you can add a color background to complement them. Ask your framer to attach the background when framing. We don’t make custom backgrounds.
Choosing your text- by clicking on the word text on the homepage
We strongly recommend consulting with your Rabbi/Officiant regarding a suitable text. For Orthodox weddings the rabbis may have specific requirements.
Our texts are lithographs – a high resolution giclee art print.
If you have your own calligrapher that can write your own text, you can order the ketubah without a text (blank text area).
If you have your own custom text please send it to us in Word document. If you don’t have a Hebrew keyboard, then send us the English text in Word Document and the Hebrew part in JPG (there is an additional charge for transferring the Hebrew part to a Word document).
There is an additional charge for custom texts, which also includes the personalization, if desired.
For a Sephardic text, please contact us and we will send you the text we use.
Ordering Your Ketubah
You will find an ordering/personalization form. This form will help you start the process.
Once you choose your favorite design and suitable text, you can begin the ordering process by filling out the form.
After, we receive your order/ personalization form, we will send you a proof of the text. Only after receiving your final confirmation on the text, will we begin making your ketubah.
You can order the ketubah without personalization (the filling in of your names, wedding date and location) and have your Rabbi/Officiant fill it (we suggest using a black ball-point pen) at the wedding. Alternatively, you can have a local calligrapher do it for you (this can expedite the process if your time frame is too tight for us to do the personalization, ourselves).
Ordering Form 
Time Frame
When emailing us with any questions or requests, please let us know your wedding date and where you are located: that way, we are able to make an accurate estimate of the time frame.
We need about 8-10 weeks’ notice for an order with personalization (filling in your names, wedding date, etc.). However, if your time frame is shorter let us know. We will let you know the options.
What does personalizing a Ketubah mean?
The personalization of the ketubah refers to the seamless integration of your personal information (your names, wedding date, location, etc.). into the body of the ketubah text. In order to start the process of personalizing your ketubah, we will need to receive the ordering/personalization form filled in along with your Rabbi/Officiant’s help.
We can transliterate names from English to Hebrew, if necessary.
We are Hebrew and English speakers and will be happy to advise you if you need any help.
The charge for personalization and set up of the text is $98.
Payment method
Please send us your credit card information by email. Please include, name of card owner, cc number and exp. date. You may want to divide this sensitive info. Into several emails.
Alternatively, you can also call us with your cc details at 972-2-992-4202, Sunday – Wednesday, between 9-4 Israel time.
Before shipping, we will charge your credit card for the full amount for the ketubah, personalization (if required) and shipping.
Shipping your Ketubah
We ship the ketubah in a hard-thick plastic tube 4×20 inches (especially protective)
We ship all over the world from Israel. Shipping to the U.S. is $34. Shipping to Europe and anywhere else including Canada and Australia is $45.
We use the EMS -Express Mail Postal Service. We always provide you with the tracking information so you can follow up on the shipment.
We can FedEx your ketubah at an additional cost .
Of course, there is the option to pick up the ketubah in Israel if you or one of your relatives/friends are visiting.
Signing the Ketubah
We suggest signing the ketubah with a black ball point pen.
If you are doing personalization with us and would like more witnesses please write it on the ordering form and we can add them at the bottom.
If your frame allows it, we suggest to frame the ketubah before the wedding in order to display it at the ceremony. Please ask the framer not to put on the top glass on (in order to be able to sign the ketubah). After the wedding, you can ask the framer to put the top glass on.
If you are unable to frame it, we suggest to keep the ketubah in a hard flat folder.

Common Questions

All of Daniel Azoulay’s ketubahs are by the giclee method – modern day lithography – paper cut on the fine acid-free paper, and hand-embellished with 24 karat gold leaf. Each ketubah is dated, numbered and signed by the artist and is one of a limited edition. It not only imbues the marriage ceremony with beauty, but is an artwork to be lastingly treasured by future generations. It is the new couple’s first family heirloom.