The Song of Songs Ketubah

Slender, graceful trees line the Song of Songs ketubah in peaceful symmetry. At the base of their trunks grow sunflowers, while the leaves intertwine to form a canopy above. Nestled under the canopy is a golden menorah, a symbol of the Torah and its infinite wisdom. This ketubah paper cut is a poetic expression of the marriage covenant, rooted in the earth and aspiring toward the sublime, much like the building of a Jewish home. Beneath the text are these words from Song of Songs 2:2 3:

“Like the rose maintaining its beauty among the thorns, so is my beloved...

  • Giclee lithography with hand applied 24 karat gold 
  • A limited edition, numbered and signed by the artist.

Dimensions:  15.5" w x 19.5" h