The Song of Songs Ketubah

Slender, elongated trees flank the Song of Songs ketubah creating an air of quiet symmetry. Sunflowers grow at the feet of their trunks while the leaves, in full foliage intertwine, forming a canopy in the sky.  The canopy shelters a golden menorah, symbolic of the Torah and its great wisdom. 

This paper cut ketubah is a poetic visualization of the marriage covenant :earthbound yet striving for the sublime, and with its significance in the continuity of the Jewish home.

Below the text of the ketubah are written the words found in Song of Songs 2:2-3:

"Like the rose maintaining its beauty among the thorns, so is my beloved...

Like the fragrant apple among the barren trees of the forest, so is my beloved"

  • Giclee lithography with hand applied 24 karat gold 
  • A limited edition, numbered and signed by the artist.

Dimensions:  15.5" w x 19.5" h