Graceful fronds overlap in a crown that envelopes the text of this elegant ketubah design.  Sweeping contours of subtle hues interweave in the three layers of this contemporary paper cut ketubah. A repeating motif of pearls, and the shape of the ketubah evoke images of both a heart and a seashell.

All ketubahs are limited editions:  numbered and signed by the artist

  • Pearl Serenity: Giclee litho, 3- layer paper cut, 24 karat genuine gold leaf, hand  painted
  • Blue Serenity: Giclee litho, 2-layer paper cut with a giclee litho background, 24 karat 
  • genuine gold leaf, hand painted
  • All ketubahs are limited editions: numbered and signed by the artist

Dimensions: 16" x 16"