Pardes Ketubah

This Pardes ketubah was a limited edition. The series is all sold out.

Two playful deer approach a luxuriant tree in a pastoral scene.  Its leaves blow gently in this orchard of serenity and peace. Although the city is close by, the orchard, like marriage, is the sanctuary where one may take a moment's repose from the noise and bustle of the world.

This visual allegory is stunning in the subtlety of its execution. The white palette and the border of woven motifs of the Star of David imbue the artwork with a lacelike quality; while the 24-karat gold leaf enhances its splendor and simplicity: making the Pardes (Orchard) a beloved ketubah. 

• Giclee lithography, paper cut on fine acid free paper, 24 karat genuine gold leaf.

The Pardes ketubah is a limited addition and we are very close to finishing the series.

Please contact us in order to know what we have left from the series.  We cannot offer custom texts on this ketubah.


Dimensions: 20 1/2" x 15 1/4"