Joy Ketubah

Joy combines the rhythmic progression of a simple geometric motif with the delightful sensation of color. Here, the repetitious motif of a cube, with its progressive variations, couples with a sophistcated chromatic interplay evoke a whimsical feeling .

A color juxtaposed next to just the right color has the ability to symbiotically define, emphasize and elevate each other. Like two distinct colors, the bride and groom come together and embark on their journey in life, side by side: bringing their own individual qualities to the marriage. They have the ability to mutually enhance and strengthen one and another by the mere closeness of their being. 

• Giclee lithography: 3 layer papercut on fine acid-free paper: hand-embellished with genuine platinum leaf.

• A limited edition; all ketubahs are numbered and signed by the artist.

Size: 15.5" w x 15.5"