Modern Ketubah: a meaningful and creative work of art

Modern Ketubah

  Modern ketubah By Danny Azoulay

Modern ketubah By Danny Azoulay

Ketubahs were once a standard and official document of a husband’s monetary obligation to his wife-to-be. They were to be handed over to the mother of the bride following the marriage ceremony for safekeeping. But today, artists like Danny Azoulay create modern Ketubahs that may express the couple’s shared emotional commitment, their style, and even their vision of the family they hope to create. A modern Ketubah often includes Hebrew or English texts or a combination of both; couples may incorporate wording that represents the faith, culture and values of both husband and wife.

Modern ketubahs bond and unite the family

According to tradition, the ketubah is a binding document that holds the family together. Wise rabbis have emphasized the importance of cherishing the ketubah. One, notably remarked that the couples should periodically reread their ketubah in order to refresh the meaning of their shared vows. Whether it is written on a plain piece of paper, as was done in the dark days of Soviet Russia, or it is a beautifully crafted piece of art like the Danny Azoulay paper cut ketubahs, the modern ketubah clearly expresses the couple’s vision of their union. This powerful document is very often displayed in a prominent place in their home.

A well-designed manifest of love and commitment is a product of time, thought and outstanding workmanship

One of the most respected ketubah artists in Israel is Danny Azoulay, whose work was shown in the White House and in a number of museums around the world.  His beautiful paper and cut modern ketubahs are available for purchase online.