Interfaith Ketubah - How Mixed-Faith Couples are Choosing to Marry.

Interfaith Ketubah

Historically, the traditional ketubah was a religious Jewish document, written in ancient Aramaic, and supplied by the rabbi of the wedding. The ketubah was a legal document delineating the terms of marriage between young Jewish couples.

Today, the modern ketubah has transformed into a document expressing the commitment and love that the newly wedded couple vow to one another.

In recent years, with the rise in interfaith marriages, there has risen a real need for a ketubah that addresses the particular needs of the interfaith couple.

More and more young couples ask themselves the same question: Can we adapt the Jewish Ketubah as a symbol of commitment to both the bride and the groom’s tradition and faith?

Interfaith ketubahs give the new couple the opportunity to create a modern, individualized ketubah that reflects their faith, aspirations and values; the coming together as one, with a deep regard and respect for each other’s beliefs.

Interfaith ketubah texts emphasize the Interfaith couple’s unwavering commitment to cherish and honor each other with their own personalized vision.

The new and designed interfaith ketubahs can be produced with or without religious symbols: in Hebrew or English or a combination of both languages.

 Interfaith Ketubah text

Interfaith Ketubah text

Danny's Paper cut Interfaith ketubahs are the fruit of inspired study, creativity and a keen sense of design.  The art that results from the joining of two different people and cultures reflects both tradition and the universality of the Jewish spirit.

A synthesis of the timeless beauty of tradition and the excitement of innovation is the primary consideration in Danny's creative process.

Contact us and we will provide you with information about our Art ketubahs with Interfaith ketubah texts made especially for your matrimonial partnership.

 One of Danny Azoulay Paper cut Ketubah.

One of Danny Azoulay Paper cut Ketubah.