Azure Ketubah

" I will betroth you to me forever; and I will betroth you with fidelity, with righteousness, with justice, with kindness and with mercy."

The lyrical words from Hosea 2:21 express the deep commitment of the bride and the groom to one another.  The Azure paper cut ketubah is made up of five concentric circles of imagery, ornamentation and biblical texts, which adorn and encircle the ketubah’s text.  The decorative innermost circle is embellished with 24- karat gold leaf.  Nature motifs, including vines, leaves and roses in full bloom, playfully intertwine against a background of gradient blue. 

Two deer symbolizing love, gentleness and grace repose in the shade of an olive tree, which is, in turn, protected by a canopy of myrtle leaves (symbolic of the marriage canopy).  The words, Ani l' dodi v' dodi li/ I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine, from Song of Songs 6:3 encapsulate and complete this the vibrant and beautiful artwork.

The Azure ketubah filled with movement, light and the poetry of the Bible  simply brims with joy and delight.  

  •  Giclee lithography. Two- layered paper cut from the finest acid-free paper:  original lithograph & blue background: genuine 24 K gold leaf. 
  • A limited edition; all ketubahs are numbered and signed by the artist.
  • Dimensions: 16"w x 16" h